Introduction to EU second country residence

As South Africans we all live in a beautiful country with a great deal to offer. Yet, as the daily landscape changes we cannot help to shift our sights to other pastures, perhaps even for the security of residency in a second country where it is possible to secure our hard earned local currency against potential loss of value.

With our Rand under increasing pressure and our global status now near junk status it makes sense to consider prime property investment offshore. This will definately assist to secure our savings against potential loss of value as the Rand dramatically weakens against other major international currencies.

With so many potentially viable options available, choosing an alternative country for alternative country residence can be both complex and cumbersome without expert advice and clear options to choose from.

Going Global

As expert residency professionals our company maintains a well established track record spanning over a period of more than 7 years. To improve our offering our Go Global Client Portfolio provides the best and most exclusive, trade, residency and other allied options with guaranteed outcomes to all our clients.

Our expert global relationships provide for investment in property, trade opportunities and residency & visa investment programmes in countries such as Slovenia, Malta, Gibraltar and USA. With extensive experience across a wide spectrum of countries that offer both residency and even potential citizenship, we tailor make exclusive global access products that qualify both you and your family. Most importantly we deliver.

Choosing a Global tailor-made package

Complete residency, trade and investment tailor-made packages start from as little as EUR 18 000. Total transparency and no hidden costs guaranteed! We are well proven to deliver on total outcomes within a 6 months period.

Benefits of a Go Global tailor-made package

  • Legal Country Residency
  • Access to property investment
  • International ID and freedom of travel cards
  • Facilities to support and develop trade opportunities
  • Viable and secure offshore investments
  • Full suite of international banking facilities
  • International office access and facilities
  • Low annual maintenance costs
  • International medical & insurance services access
  • Education opportunities internationally for your children

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Our promise is to assist you in order to assess your unique needs and requirements so that we can guide you and your family with a programme that serves you in the most effective and beneficial way.

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