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Slovenia is an exceptional jurisdiction of choice for South Africans wanting to do business in a sophisticated European environment with superb infrastructure and accessibility. Slovenia provides a very affordable and predictable EU residency process on the basis of business, trade, investment or application on the basis of higher education.

Centrally located in the heart of Europe, Slovenia shares boundaries with Austria, Hungary, Croatia and Italy.

Slovenia is a wonderfully picturesque country - and blessed with a moderate climate. As one of the greenest countries in Europe, it boasts an adventurous diversity of terrain; Mediterranean in the West, continental in the central parts and dramatic Alpine snow in the North-Western part of the country. This allows for exceptional quality of life and almost endless choice of sport and leisure activities!

Slovenia maintains an excellent economic and First World infrastructure – making it ideal for facilitating business or property investment and achieving the ultimate in idyllic lifestyle.

Residency status for the right to reside, to settle and to work in Slovenia can be achieved by means of the registration of a Slovenian company, evidence of company capital expenditure and maintaining self-employment in the registered company

The programme in Slovenia is completely hands-on with highly predictable processes and outcomes.

Normal due diligence requirements, statutory visits and mandatory fees apply.

The programme allows for family reunification after the first year. EU ID cards after the first year are issued for a further 2 years. Thereafter 5 year EU ID cards are issued providing the basis for permanent residency, total freedom of trade and access to all other Schengen EU member countries.

Go Global International considers Slovenia as the most affordable second country of choice for South African clients interested in a sustainable and permanent residency programme with the option of obtaining an eventual EU passport.

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