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Certain South African clients expressed their need for international visa free access to countries on a worldwide scale due to their very frequent travel regime and need for a passport to travel the entire globe.

Go Global International therefore included St Kitts & Nevis in our Go Global International Private Client Portfolio as a best choice option for such multi country visitors requiring true global citizenship.

As one of the longest and most well established programmes offering Citizenship-through-Investment, this friendly two-island nation in the Caribbean offers the very best options for unique global citizenship. The programme provides for a relatively easy and quick process within a 4-6 months period. Qualification criteria such as a $ 350 000 investment requirement (prime property included) provides a family of four with St Kitts & Nevis citizenship resulting in true visa free access to more than 122 countries worldwide including Canada, USA, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Schengen Zone.

Other benefits such as no physical relocation required, zero tax on worldwide income and inheritance of citizenships rights makes this programme one of the most sought after programmes of its kind.

Application is subject to quality assessment and basic due compliance to terms as prescribed by the St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship-through-Investment Programme.

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